Extract RMF data fom historical SMF data.

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Extract RMF data fom historical SMF data.

Post by SupriyaP » Tue May 26, 2015 11:04 pm

For one requirement, our team is interested in batch processing performance. Can someone please guide on knowing that what's the trick to extracting RMF data from historical SMF data? How can a mainframe programmer run a basic RMF reporting jobstream/jobstreams that use this extracted data? Please guide.

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Re: Extract RMF data fom historical SMF data.

Post by Robert Sample » Tue May 26, 2015 11:19 pm

The first question would be whether or not you have access to the SMF data. Many sites restrict access to this data, and if your site is one of these then you need to arrange access with your site support group before you do anything else.

You then need to find out how your site accumulates SMF data -- many sites dump the SYS1.MAN? data sets into a daily accumulation and then write the data to tape at the end of the day. The specific names used will, of course, vary by site.

Assuming that you've arranged access and found the data set name(s) you need to use, you then run the RMF post-processor against your SMF data. The RMF post-processor will pull out the type 70 through 79 SMF records (depending upon what you specify) to generate the report(s). Sample JCL (which will need to be customized to your site requirements):

Code: Select all

The parameters you provide in the SYSIN can be found in the RMF Report Analysis manual in the RMF bookshelf for your version of z/OS.

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