PMI Reduced Membership Renewal Fee of $65USD under...

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PMI Reduced Membership Renewal Fee of $65USD under...

Post by IT News Bot » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:33 pm

[center]PMI Reduced Membership Renewal Fee of $65USD under Economic Exception Program[/center]

PMI offers members in four countries—Brazil, India, Mexico, and Nigeria—a special renewal dues rate under PMI’s economic exception program. This program offers an affordable renewal option to members in these four countries.

Renewal dues for economic exception members are set at US$65. In their first year, new members who join PMI must pay the full regular membership dues of US$129.

The membership available under the economic exception program includes all rights and privileges provided under the full regular membership program, except print publications.

However, if you wish to continue to receive printed publications you may renew your membership at the full regular membership price (US$129).

Members will be able to take advantage of this special renewal dues rate beginning 90 days before their membership expires.

Select “Economic Exception Individual Membership Renew” while renewing your membership

To know more, efer this: ... AQ.ashx#ee

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