What is this section about?

Registered Members can share Internet Links and/or Documents on Mainframe Technologies here.
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What is this section about?

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:07 pm

As the name of this section suggests - this section is about the Forum members (oh! as if others are not! :ugeek: ). Jokes apart...:)

The idea behind this Section is to get a better collection of documents and/or links, spread over the internet, for and about Mainframe Technologies. Actually, in the process of learning, I believe, everyone of us try to get better resources and surprisingly 'the document with other person is always good'.

Look at this document from Enrico: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=507. This is an excellent article and honestly, I've not seen this document until Enrico mentioned it in the thread! But will the users be always asking such a direct question to get such documents peep out!? I think, no! Said that, I should not sound hyperbolic - if I say that there are so many documents over the internet in a form of URL and/or as a pdf/doc(x) file at your work-station which are not covered under copyright act and can be referred here. "This knowledge" lies some where and will stay there unless a very specific question is asked but then how many of the "software engineers" are asking such direct questions always?

Enough said. Keeping above in mind and in the hope to create a handy reference for a new or experienced professional, I create this section. Hope the idea is clear and we see a good contribution going forward.

The section is designed in bit different way but the layout is pretty simple. The different sub-Forums, we see, under the 'main forum', are just for easy navigation. The structure of these Forum, sub-Forums, in a tabular form, will look like this:

Member Contribution.jpg

where COBOL can be replaced with JCL, DB2 etc.

Hopefully this will be a good reference in near future,
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