What is CA7?

CA-7 Job Management and CA's Workload Automation Restart & Tracking Tool CA-11, CA-ADC2, CA-Manager, CA-Jobtrac, CA-ESP (formerly Cybermation), ASG-ZEKE, ASG-Workload Scheduler (formerly BETA42),BMC Control-M, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS, formerly OPC, OPC/A, OPC/ESA, Maestro) JES3 DPC (Dependent Job Control)
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What is CA7?

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Fri May 17, 2013 10:12 am

CA-7 is a Production control system. It’s an online, real-time, interactive system which Automatically controls, schedules jobs based on the Date and Time, job dependencies and Available resources.

CA-7 is our automated job scheduler. Jobs can be scheduled to run and manipulate in a variety of ways . Two common terms that have caused confusion are “job triggering” and “job dependency”. A job dependency is a job that must complete before the job waiting in the queue can run. Upon successful completion of the preceding job, the job waiting in the queue will be submitted. However, if the dependent job does not complete successfully, the job dependency will not be posted. Also, the terms “force complete” and “cancel” both mean to remove a job from the CA-7 queue. But the results are completely different.

A job is forced complete when it returns an acceptable condition code, or when it does not require an immediate remedy, and the job stream can continue. Forcing a job complete tells CA-7 to treat the job as having completed successfully, and to continue processing. Any dependencies of this job on other jobs will be posted, and any job triggering by this job will be done. Canceling a job from the queue does just the opposite. The job will be removed from the CA-7 queue, but no job triggering will be done, and any dependencies of this job on others will not be posted. This command is used to stop a job stream.

In other words - CA-7 is Scheduling Software, which distribute or centralize job submission, management and monitoring as you choose and simplify job management by automating as much as possible and provides a simple-to-use interface to manage your environment. CA-7 is sold by CA Technologies.

It is commonly used by banks and other large enterprises with IBM mainframe IT computing platforms. In 1987, Computer Associates took ownership of the product when it acquired its archival, UCCEL Corporation. CA subsequently renamed it from UCC-7 to CA-7.


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