Ideas need on migration from CA-7 to OPC.

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Manish Tripathi
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Ideas need on migration from CA-7 to OPC.

Post by Manish Tripathi » Thu May 21, 2015 5:08 pm


We are migrating from CA-7 to OPC. Does anyone have some experience in converting from CA-7 and CA-11 to OPC?

I'd like to know the folowing:
  1. In CA-7 it was handled quite nicely, will OPC restart also handle GDG's or new datasets that need to be deleted before restart?
  2. There are some restart rules we used. Whatdo you suggestthat do OPC restart rules need to be written for each job to accomplish this? If so, is there any
    automated way of generating these OPC restart rules?
  3. Instead of using triggers as in CA-7 and given the fact that OPC submits a whole day of jobs at once can imposr some problems?
  4. And how's the OPC restart, is it as robust as CA-11?

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Re: Ideas need on migration from CA-7 to OPC.

Post by zprogrammer » Mon May 25, 2015 6:57 pm

Probably you need to check the System admin's about this first becasue they would have done some analysis before migrating to another product

And as far as OPC is concerned I have not faced issues in restart but it also depends upon how you design the system


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Anuj Dhawan
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Re: Ideas need on migration from CA-7 to OPC.

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Tue May 26, 2015 12:35 pm

My experience had been more with CA-7 compared to OPC (now it is called Tivoli Workload Scheduler(TWS)).

When there is an abend/restart situation, in OPC environment, there is a feature called Catalog Menagement that executes the delete of data sets or you can use the EQQDELDS program to delete of data set when a Job is restarted.

If you have the list of Jobs, Job Schedules etc. downloaded from CA-7 in the form of reports - you might be able update the OPC database (Applications,operations etc.) in Batch Mode using 'the batch loader'. There should be an example of using the loader in an RMM sample, look at EDGJLOPC memeber of samplib (usually it is SYS1.SAMPLIB).

But long story short and as Pandora-Box has mentioned - you must know that IBM provides a migration service from CA-7 to OPC and you should touch base with them.


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