What is IBM File Manager?

File-AID from Compuware and File Manager from IBM.
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What is IBM File Manager?

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:22 pm

IBM File Manager for z/OS provides flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing when working with z/OS data sets, DB2, CICS, IMS™ or WebSphere® MQ data of the IBM Determination Tools suite. File Manager extends the standard browse, edit, copy, batch and print utilities of Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) to help developers work with that structured data more efficiently.

File Manager for z/OS:
  • Has extensive editing, browsing and batch and interactive capabilities that support development and production.
  • Finds, copies, edits, prints, compares and displays data quickly and easily.
  • Helps users manipulate data using COBOL and PL/I record layouts interactively or in batch.
  • Enhances usability by enabling customization of which fields to display, copy or print.
  • Offers templates that provide a particular interpretation of a data set, defining a logical view that you can use to view and manipulate the data in records as discrete fields.


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