Site Update 12 : Idea Forum is added.

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Site Update 12 : Idea Forum is added.

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:07 pm


I've added a Forum and named it "Polls and Ideas", well - I could not think of any other name! :ugeek:

Actually, I was not happy with the basic poll facility which we get with phpBB and wanted to have a better system. First, the poll system does not show who has voted. Second, the look is quite old fashioned, Third...well, leave it - I've too many things to complain about but that's a history now! :D

I've posted 2 test ideas and one real idea to see if it works for all. Hopefully, we'll make better use of it soon.

To post a new idea, go here: ideas/index.php. When you post a new idea the corresponding posts will go to the ideas Forum: viewforum.php?f=65 while the ideas stays at where you posted them (ideas/index.php).

This is bit different system and might take some time to grasp, however, if you face some probelm with this - please post in this thread.

Thanks for stopping by,



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