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PDSE Member Generations

Post by Lbdyck » Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:52 am

How many of you know that as of z/OS 2.1 IBM has provided the ability to enable member generations in your PDSE Version 2 libraries? Do you know how to enable them (see sys1.parmlib member IGDSMSxx)? There are several resources online from IBM and SHARE on PDSE Member Generations BUT you will have to be careful as some products don't support them.

If you have enabled them, and/or, want to play with them then I suggest you head over to www.lbdsoftware.com and get my latest contribution to the mainframe server user community - PDSEGEN.

With PDSEGEN you can easily work with generations: browse, edit and view are a given. You can also COPY a member with all generations. Backup and Restore the same. Compare a non-0 generation to the base member or compare 2 generations. If you want you can also convert a non-0 generation to a base member or promote a non-0 generation to the base member.

The key to remember with generations is that you can not access them using JCL or dynamic allocation so they are just back up versions of your members.

Have fun.

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