Which Job is using the VSAM dataset?

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Kapil Sharma
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Which Job is using the VSAM dataset?

Post by Kapil Sharma » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:12 pm


One Job in production is abended for because of a VSAM dataset, as it was in contention. How can I know which job was using that dataset? Is there a way to find this that which job all jobs were using a VSAM dataset in for such an abended job?


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Robert Sample
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Re: Which Job is using the VSAM dataset?

Post by Robert Sample » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:26 pm

Once the job has abended, there is no way to know what other jobs / TSO users / started tasks had contention on the VSAM data set. While the contention is occurring, the D GRS console command can be used by someone at your site with sufficient authority to find out what is in contention for the data set. However, this command only works while the contention is there -- if your job abends, the command will not work to show past contention.

There are multiple ways to fix this issue: adding a DD statement with the VSAM data set using DISP=OLD is the most common solution. However, you could also change the SHAREOPTIONS when defining the data set as long as all programs accessing it use appropriate ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE mechanisms.

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