Microprocessor Optimization Primer.

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Microprocessor Optimization Primer.

Post by Anuj Dhawan » Fri May 13, 2016 11:43 am

This presentation is compiled by C. Kevin Shum, Distinguished Engineer, IBM z Systems Microprocessor Development. 
'This presentation covers z13 (IBM's latest z machine) in some details, but also included references back to the prior 3 generations: z10, z196 and zEC12.  I find it an interesting read, may be you'll also enjoy it. Per the document:

[ul][li]It provides an overview of the processor subsystems of IBM’s z Systems, with focus on the core micro-architectures from z196 to z13 [/li]
[li]Gives high level insights with information and potential methods to optimize for code performance [/li]
[li]Fosters a deep technical exchange with non-IBM development teams around the z Systems’ open source ecosystem to encourage performance optimization tailored towards z System processors “tell us what you need to know”[/li][/ul]
Per the author, "it is by no means a comprehensive document and should only be used as an introduction to our architecture and design.  If there are materials (and interests) for an update, either for more in-depth topics, summaries of Q&As or introduction of new machines after z13,  a newer version can be published."

[attachment=0]IBM z Systems Processor Optimization Primer.pdf[/attachment]
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