H. Pat Artis.

This section talks about the faces behind the evolution of computer Industry, though we mostly talk about mainframe's progress.
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H. Pat Artis.

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H. Pat Artis is a well-known expert in workload characterization, forecasting, simulation modeling, I/O subsystem design and capacity planning. He received the A. A. Michelson Award for his fundamental contributions to computer metrics is the co-author of the book MVS I/O Subsystems: Configuration Management and Performance Analysis.

Following list sums up his professional career:

1986-present: President and Founder of Performance Associates, Pagosa Springs, CO Responsible for the design and development of the PAI/O Driver family of software products, provision of consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies, and presentation of professional seminars related to I/O architecture and storage replication for open and z/OS systems.

1981-1986: Director of Analytic Systems, Morono Associates, Vienna, VA Responsible for the development of analytic products to complement and exploit the information contained in the MICS Data Base system. Products included accounting, performance management, and capacity planning.

1972-1981: Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, Piscataway, NJ Responsible for the development of tool sets for capacity planning and performance management of computer systems. Demonstrated the application of pattern recognition algorithms for the characterization of computer workloads. Developed workload characterization and tools for UNIX I/O performance.

[right]Courtesy: http://www.aoe.vt.edu/people/advisory/pat-artis.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;[/right]


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